Best Weight Loss Shakes Review

Many people find it hard to lose weight for a number of reasons. It could be genetics, lack of consistency or the weight loss treatment simply does not work. However, with the obsession of losing weight not just to look beautiful but also for health concerns, plenty of weight loss options come out on the market. One of which is the weight loss shake.

What is a Weight Loss Shake?

Weight loss shakes are one of the healthiest options for losing weight. It helps in reducing body fat without the need to follow a strict and rigorous diet plan. With it, you do not have to monitor your calorie intake every day.

While healthy and effective, the fact is there are probably hundreds of weight loss shakes available on the market. With that, choosing the right one could be quite tough. On that note, this article review tries to bring you 2018’s best-rated weight loss shakes.

Best Weight Loss Shakes Review

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Things to Consider

When choosing the best weight loss shake, here is a list of things to consider when deciding if the product is just right for you. Weight loss shakes should not only help you lose weight but also provide nutrients to supplement a healthy diet. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the best weight loss shakes:

  • Effective Formula

Of course, you want the weight loss shake that has effective ingredients for burning fats. If it is not just weight loss but also a meal replacement, look for shakes with a formula containing low carbohydrates and calories, high in protein and filling properties. This way, when drinking your shake you can also prevent yourself from going hungry so soon.

  • Affordable

You usually take weight loss shakes over a long term for it to be effective. In that case, it would be wise to choose an affordable shake. On that note, the products you will find in this best weight loss shakes review are well within a respectable price range. Choose well, and you will not be worrying about the money you need to stay fit.

  • Reliable Manufacturers

No matter the kind of product you are looking to buy, the manufacturer’s reliability and reputation are two things to consider. If the company has questionable reputable and trading history, there is a high chance of them deceiving their customers. Rest assured the products in this list has a good reputation in producing weight loss shakes.

  • Truthful Claims

It is important in choosing your weight loss shake that the manufacturers make truthful claims about the product’s effectiveness. With so many products available on the market today, it is tough to find a reliable and truthful one. This review article strives to bring you good options for weight loss companies that respect the intelligence of their customers.

Best Rated Weight Loss Shakes

If you are looking for the best-rated weight loss shakes this 2018, here are the top 5 products with reputable manufacturers, effective formula and affordability with them.

Best Weight Loss Shakes Review

  1. 18Shake

18Shake is a weight loss, and meal replacement shake rated the “Best Diet Shake of 2018”. It was 2017’s “Best Diet Shake,” made only with natural ingredients, quality fiber, and high protein. It effectively suppresses appetite. Its formula allows it to help increase your energy and quickly burns your fat. The best of all, it does not contain any artificial colors, additives or preservatives.

You can choose between vanilla or chocolate flavor to enjoy an effective and delicious meal replacement shake. 18Shake contains only 1 gram of sugar in every serving, which is important for those who want to regulate their blood sugar. The shake contains micro and macronutrients great for weight loss and overall health.

  1. 310 Shakes

The 310 Shakes is a healthy meal replacement shake made from the best natural ingredients. One of the best diet shakes, it lacks any kind of sugar of any form. It does not have any artificial flavor or sweetener. The 310 Shake takes pride of the Tri-Plex plant-based proteins included in the formula.

With the use of advanced technologies, it now features a completely plant-based formula that enabled it to have amazing tastes and flavors. It is a great source of calories, protein, fiber, probiotics, green blend, vitamins, and minerals. 310 Nutrition certainly made 310 Shakes a great choice for diet shake.

  1. Vega One

Produced by Vega, Vega One is a plant-based diet shake that supports overall health. It does not contain any unhealthy ingredients, only superfoods, plant-based proteins, and probiotics. On the other hand, some might have complaints about Vega One’s taste.

Vega One contains plant-based proteins with a variety of options for individuals that have specific wants and needs. Vega did not create this shake exactly for weight loss. However, it has a great amount of protein capable of boosting metabolism to burn fat and calories while keeping you full for a time.

  1. Thrive

Thrive is a diet shake produced by Le-Vel, a multi-level marketing company known to produce a wide array of products include flavored drinks, shakes, and supplements. Le-Vel created Thrive to include in an “8-week premium lifestyle plan” designed to help people achieve peak mental and physical levels.

This diet shake is available in different flavors including Apple Pie, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. It includes a good amount of calories and protein, with soy protein included. It also has a great amount of fiber for weight loss. In addition, it has 19 total vitamins and minerals for overall health.

  1. Burner Shake

The company behind Burner Shake is Astral Nutrition. Burner Shake is an amazing weight loss shake with scientifically proven ingredients that successfully contribute to weight loss. As this shake contains effective fat burning ingredients, it can boost your metabolic rates.

In addition, its formula includes ingredients that are truly filling so you will not feel hungry after consuming it. Burner Shake’s formula includes low calories, high vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients contribute to the shake for being able to keep you healthy while dieting.


These five best weight loss shakes are a great start in your search for the right diet shake that works for you. To find out more if they suit your needs and wants, it is ideal that you take the time to research more about them and consult with your healthcare provider.

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