Do Fat Burners Work?

Fat burners are actually very popular these days and while some claim it is effective, some thinks it is not. Actually both of these answers are true in a sense. Fat burners can be very effective in helping one lose weight only if used properly. You have to rid yourself of the expectation that it can get rid of fats in your body in just one day. Fat burner pills are supplements created to boost weight loss and burn fats but they will never be a replacement for proper diet and exercise.


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Diet is 80 Percent of the Battle

Fat burners are not miracle makers. Taking fat burning supplements while still eating the same way will not garner you any results. You need to change your meal plan. Stick to a calorie restricted diet and avoid over eating. You also have to be consistent; cheat days are not welcome at all. Fat burners will help you with that, they often contain substances which helps curb appetite and increase the body’s metabolism rate. They also increase the body’s core temperature so you can naturally burn more fats throughout the day.

Realistic Weight-Loss Expectations

For most people who use weight loss pills, they expect to burn 10 pounds or so every week and are looking forward to a perfect body at the end of a month. This seldom happens. While it is true that fat burners enhance your weight loss, it will not give you 10 pounds off every week. That is also very unhealthy. The safest rate for losing weight is around 1 to 3 pounds per week, you could push it to as high as 4 pounds but that is the maximum and oftentimes, this is not sustainable. If you push your body too hard, it will eventually reach a breaking point and will slow down fat loss. On the other hand, if you are losing too much weight with the aid of a fat burner, you might want to reconsider taking the supplement. the probability is you are losing lean muscles and in the end, you would be skinny but shapeless.

The Right Amount

Most people think that taking more fat burners or taking extra dosages is better but it is actually the exact opposite. These fat burners are already designed to give you the proper amount for healthy weight loss with its various ingredients. If you are taking more, you are just overdosing your body and in the long run it might just get used to it and these supplements may no longer be effective.


Don’t Be in a Hurry

For most people who are taking fat burners, they are too eager to see changes on the first or second week and get disappointed if they can’t notice it or it is too small. This often causes them to discontinue on their routine. It is advised that you check progress after 3 weeks so you can really see the difference may it be in numbers or your physical look.