Lipozene Reviews

The market is buzzing with all kinds of supplements and pills all designed to provide some sort of benefit to health. With a wide array of products to choose from, making a decision is tough. How can you know if the supplement you bought is safe and effective? To help you with that, this article review gives you the most pertinent information about Lipozene, a popular weight loss supplement.

Lipozene Overview

Lipozene Reviews

Lipozene is a weight loss supplement containing water-soluble fiber to support your healthy fat burning goals. Taking the supplement, you can achieve your desired body size through the active and natural ingredients on its formula. These ingredients act as mechanisms providing your body with important weight reducing effects.

Obesity Research Institute manufactured Lipozene. According to the company, a team of experts verified the safety and quality of the supplement. When used on a daily basis, the manufacturer claims the user will experience significant changes. As a water-soluble supplement, it works by absorbing water thus expanding the stomach.

Does it Work?

Glucomannan has several studies conducted to determine its effects on weight loss, with positive results. These studies show that Lipozene’s active ingredient does have positive effects on promoting weight loss, albeit in small quantities. Additionally, a recent review concluded that glucomannan might help promote weight loss to obese people in the short term.

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Although the manufacturer did not intend for the product to cure or treat any disease, Lipozene may have significant benefits in controlling cholesterol as well as blood sugar. Within the supplement is a fiber that comes from konjac plant, called glucomannan. In addition to the fiber, other ingredients of Lipozene include:

  • Magnesium silicate – improves the body’s metabolic effects that lead to quick weight loss
  • Stearic acid – suppresses appetite as well as prevents accumulation of cholesterol and fat
  • Gelatin – reduces appetite and cravings resulting in controlled intake of food

The active ingredient in Lipozene is the glucomannan. This ingredient is a soluble fiber that has laxative qualities. With that, glucomannan can help curb hunger, slow digestion, and improve blood sugar. Thus, it could be a great natural ingredient to help you lose weight. Aside from curbing hunger, it can also increase the feelings of being full.

With that, you will eat less thereby consuming lesser amounts of calories that will result in successful loss of weight. As mentioned before, this ingredient also aids in digestion by adding the feeling of fullness that delays digestion. This feeling of fullness happens through glucomannan’s ability to absorb water and create a gel in the stomach.

Lipozene Reviews


Numerous benefits make Lipozene a popular dietary supplement. These benefits include:

  • Glucomannan – It is quite easy to acquire glucomannan since there are probably hundreds of retailers providing them.
  • Weight loss – glucomannan provides effective weight loss, which you can take advantage by taking Lipozene.
  • Slow digestive process – the active ingredient of Lipozene provides the benefit of slowing the digestive process, meaning food takes a longer time to make into your intestines.
  • Relieve constipation – some studies show that it can possibly relieve constipation in kids and adults.
  • Reduce total blood cholesterol ¬– a study shows that glucomannan can help reduce total blood cholesterol.
  • Suppress appetite and cravings ¬– contains ingredients that suppress cravings leading to controlled food intake.
  • Massive fat burning – contains magnesium silicate, which boosts metabolic processes to induce massive fat burning.
  • Promotes better metabolic functions and gut health
  • Prevents constipation, calorie intake and lowers risk of disease

Lipozene Reviews


Like every diet supplement, you can expect Lipozene to have some drawbacks as well. These drawbacks are:

  • Product is not vegan-friendly
  • Side effects if taken incorrectly
  • Needs to take six capsules per day
  • Product has no evaluation and approval from FDA
  • No refunds or money back guarantee available

Lipozene Side Effects

Lipozene is no exception when it comes to side effects. The most common side effects of Lipozene are stomach problems. This is most likely because some people are sensitive to soluble fibers. Some of the side effects due to fiber, which you may experience in taking Lipozene, include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Constipation

Another possible side effect you should look out when taking fiber supplement just like Lipozene is the risk of choking. This is because fiber expands, so it is possible to cause choking when you swallow a pill. A good way to prevent this is to drink lots of water when taking the supplement. Additionally, the active ingredient in this supplement can affect your body processes.

As such, it can also have an effect on prescription medications, if you take any. For this reason, it is best that you take Lipozene or any product container fiber at least 2 hours before or after you take your medications. This way, you can be sure that a sufficient time already passed before your medicine takes effect.


How do you take Lipozene? The directions for taking this supplement are simple and easy to follow. From the label, it says to take two capsules together with 8 ounces of water about 30 minutes before every meal. You can take the supplements only up to three times a day without exceeding six capsules per day.

Lipozene Concerns

Back in April 2011, Lipozene had some legal problems when the company behind the product faced a class-action lawsuit. Based on the lawsuit, the company faced the issue of false claims about Lipozene’s effectiveness in promoting weight loss. The company ended up paying over $5 million to customers as the lawsuit’s final ruling.

Lipozene also faced another problem in March 2014. The company gained warning on the use of medical statements about how the diet supplement works. Based on their claim, Lipozene uses ingredients to treat a variety of conditions since hundreds of years ago. This statement caused a warning that tainted Lipozene’s name again.

Bottom Line

Lipozene has a solid backup with the number of clinical studies on its active ingredient, glucomannan. However, many still have suspicious about the supplement mostly because of the “false claims” of the company. Nevertheless, it still seems to be a popular dietary supplement for weight loss. To ensure your safety, talk to a healthcare provider and do some research regarding the product.

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