Nutrisystem Diet Review

Are you having a difficult time losing weight? Do you feel insecure about your body and feel as though you must change your look? It’s quite challenging when you’ve struggled with your weight for your entire life, or have lately started this fight after a pregnancy.

If you plan to start your weight loss journey, you can often feel discourage and alone by yourself. It can be very tough for you to know where to begin. There are lots of weight loss, diet plans and trends to choose so how will you select the appropriate plan for you?

Nutrisystem Diet Review

You need to know the several factors you need to take into consideration like the type of exercise, meal options as well as price. You also need to understand if a system will aid you to lose the weight you really wish to drop. Therefore, in this review, we’ll see the good things and bad things about the Nutrisystem Diet. This review offers you what you can anticipate as far as what the meal choices are, cost and what actual users of the diet plan think.

What is the Nutrisystem Diet?

In case you didn’t know yet, the Nutrisystem Diet is a food plan, which is composed of prepackaged drinks, snacks, and meals. The goal of this diet plan is to provide a total calorie-controlled food plan, which limits the necessity to prepare meals and calculate calories and gets rid of any speculation when it comes to how much and what you should consume to eat.

Further, the Nutrisystem Diet is designed to streamline weight loss, particularly for those who don’t have enough time to thoroughly check the calories and cook conventional meals. Mostly, busy mothers are drawn to this diet because of its affordability and the small number of effort it requires to stick with the diet plan.

In this plan, there’s no need for you to decide which food to eat, count fat or carbs, prepare most of your meals or estimate what portions you must eat. All of these are managed for you. Along with its enhanced weight loss plan known as “Lean 13,” a lot of women can lose at least 13 pounds within the initial month.

How Does It Work?

Frequently, it’s difficult to stick to a diet if the rest of your family aren’t sticking to a particular one. It is difficult to go shopping, purchase foods for the whole family, and have a separate food list for yourself. The good thing about Nutrisystem Diet is that it enables you to stick to your own diet plan since you’re not accountable for creating a different shopping list for yourself and the majority of your meals.

From breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are organized and all prepackaged. Moreover, most of these meals are frozen; therefore, they just need to be warmed in the oven or microwave. You are invigorated to eat fresh vegetables and fruits for snacks in the middle of the labeled meals. Nutrisystem has lots of snack bars and others stuff available for purchase in grocery stores.


There’s no shortage of food choices for you to choose from since the plan is a 28-day program. Throughout those 28 days, you will stick to the meals you’re given. You are discouraged from consuming out and are recommended to keep away from any consumption of alcohol. However, you also have the opportunity to order your meals monthly. They can be totally made by the Nutrisystem professionals, or you can pick from 150 choices to make your own personalized plan.

Known as “Uniquely Yours,” this plan is intended if you want to pick whatever prepared meals, the diet plan has and you can purchase your ingredients and foods at the local grocery store, like vegetables and fruits. They offer dieters with an official list of add-ons you can purchase so that you can integrate it into your snacks and meals.

The plan begins with your bump-start to weight loss, which is the “Turbo Takeoff Week.” Throughout this week, the plan requires you to consume at least 1,000 calories every day that is substantially less than the majority of people consume on a regular basis – even those on separate weight loss and diet plans.

This may be somewhat tough to stick with it for the first time, so you may feel a little sluggish and deprived during the initial week. For you to fight some of these concerns, the meals are loaded with healthy probiotics, protein, fiber, shakes, and entrees to support your digestive health and lessen uncomfortable bloating. You then change into a higher calorie intake, which includes more meal options from Nutrisystem as well as veggies, fruits, dairy products and other items, which you buy from the grocery.

Nutrisystem Diet Plan Review


  • Simple to Maintain

Even though the program is backed towards aiding dieters in losing weight, it’s not a fast weight loss program. Dieters don’t feel deprived as they’re provided with a wide selection of food to eat.

  • Solid Support System

The program offers a counseling program, which is accessible 24/7. So, whenever you feel like you are losing control, you can easily reach out to nutritional experts through their website.

  • Convenience

Getting prepackaged meals, which are filled with low in calories, is quite convenient. Every meal provides a total count of macro and micronutrients you need per day.


  • Single Serving

Every meal is aimed at one individual. It can’t be shared to others nor will plea to overweight kids. Also, the meals aren’t flavorful.

  • It’s Not Affordable

The pre-packaged meals aren’t cheap. A normal plan will set you back $350. Their packed meals are good for 28 days therefore if you do the math, every meal is costlier than cooking your meals at home.


Final Verdict

Long-term weight loss, as well as maintenance, can be quite challenging with Nutrisystem Diet. After you get used eating pre-packed meals and portioned foods, it can be difficult for most people to stop themselves back into the normal lifestyle and eating plan. However, the good thing about Nutrisystem is that you are allowed to stay on the program for a long or as short as you would wish.

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