Prescription Diet Pills

While more people prefer to use over-the-counter diet pills, there are those who prefer prescription diet pills. This is actually a very good step since you can be assured of the quality of pills to take. With prescription, you get to check with your doctor which pill is best for you in regards to your health and body. This will make sure that you won’t experience any serious side effects and you will be able to lose weight in a healthier manner. It is good to note too that the effectiveness of diet pills depend on many other factors aside from the ones mentioned above. Your lifestyle as well as existing medical conditions are also huge factors to consider. With a physician, you will be able to look deeper into these factors. For further guidance, we have listed the most popular prescription weight loss pills below.

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Prescription Diet Pills

Qsymia is probably the most widely-known and most-commonly used prescription diet pills of all time. Almost every expert in the field knows about this. It primarily contains phentermine and topiramate which are very effective in losing weight but possesses addictive qualities. Other substances in the pill may also trigger other negative side effects such as increased heart rate, insomnia and depression as well as suicidal thoughts. This may also cause sudden mood changes. Having these negative side effects, you need to ask your doctor if this will work for you or if there are other means to reduce its side effects.


meridia is a well-known prescription diet pill until it was recalled from the market in 2010. This pill worked by influencing that part of your brain which controls cravings and appetite. While on this medication, you will experience getting full faster and with lesser food too. This is quite effective as it significantly increases your calories consumption. However, more recent studies based on claims by users proved that it causes liver and heart damage, thus it can no longer be prescribed as a weight loss pill.

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Other Prescription Diet Pills

Prescription Diet Pills

There are actually many other medications in the market which is intended for treating other conditions but contains substances essential to weight loss. These drugs may be prescribed as weight loss pills on a case-to-case basis and will be determined by a doctor who specializes in the field. So what may be prescribed to another could possibly not be prescribed to another depending on the doctor’s assessment. One of the most commonly prescribed pills is the antidepressant bupropion which is sold under the brand name Wellbutrin. This has been known to be effective in aiding weight loss and it also improves mood. With this quality, it helps people avoid overeating due to anxiety or depression. Other drugs commonly prescribed are the anti-seizure medication topiramate and the diabetes medication called metformin. Both of these are known to cause weight loss and are therefore prescribed to patients who are obese. These are also prescribed to patients who want to lose weight but have the above-mentioned conditions.