Reasons why Women struggle to Lose Weight + Solutions

Losing weight is a tough task to do. There are also factors that affect your goal to lose weight which makes it more challenging on your part. Many people believe in the different myths about gaining weight and dieting. Losing weight comes with the strong willpower and the control of not eating the foods that are not good for the health.

More and more people are becoming overweight, and most of these people are facing metabolic problems. They tend to be overweight because they always feel hungry. The normal mechanism of the body will tell you that you are already full, but in the case of the metabolic problem, even the strong willpower fails.

Reasons why Women struggle to Lose Weight + Solutions

If you are one of those women who find it hard to lose weight, this could be very stressful on your part. However, instead of losing hope why not cheer up and start finding the answer to your questions.

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 Here are some of the reasons why women like you find it hard to lose weight:

Eating the Wrong Foods

One of the major reason why you find it hard to lose weight is that you are eating the wrong types of food. Whenever you are in the supermarket, you will be tempted with different products that you see. But if your mission is to combat overeating and starts losing weight, you have to get rid of eating processed foods.

Before buying the product, check the product label and find out if the product contains low fat or no fat ingredients. There are ingredients present in some products that contribute to gaining weight so you will end up eating more. Another culprit is the sugar. With so many foods that you love to eat, you will no longer notice that most of them contain high level of sugar. Some of the products that contain sugar are salad, tomato sauce, and yogurt. The more you eat foods with sugar, the more it will give you cravings which contribute to your struggles in losing weight.

Solutions: Instead of buying apple juice, why not apple fruit. If you are still craving for something that does not provide better nutrients, then you have to control yourself if you really want to achieve better results. Before buying snacks from the convenience store, see to it that the products you are eating are good for your health. To do this, check the nutrition facts and the list of the ingredients. If you have enough time, it is also good to make your own food like healthy foods and snacks.

Doing the Wrong Exercise

Are you spending lots of your time at the gym yet doesn’t able to achieve your desired results? This is because you are doing the wrong exercise. Most women are going to the gym however they are not aware of the proper exercise to do in order to lose weight. Jogging, as one of the cardio exercises is a good exercise and there are also exercises that target your heart and make it healthier. However, if you want to lose weight, it’s about time to take your exercise to the next level. Start a strength training and reap the benefits of it. Strength training provides you with denser bones which helps people avoid the risk of osteoporosis. This type of training also builds up the muscle tissues which also helps you to lose weight and get rid of belly fat.

Solutions: Include strength training into your gym routine. Instead of just jogging, take your excise to the next level. Your treadmill can provide you with exercise that can also help you to lose weight. However, try to bursts and intensify your running. Try running and sprinting for a couple of minutes, then cool down and continue this routine for 30 minutes. It is also good to try some high-intensity workouts. Add as well to your exercise the lunges and push-ups because they are also effective.

Reasons why Women struggle to Lose Weight + Solutions

Hormone Imbalance

Another reason why you keep on struggling in losing weight is that you have a hormonal imbalance. This issue is not just about your thyroid. The Cortisol, our body’s stress hormone is one of the factors that affect your losing weight journey. This hormone is also called a villain on your dream to lose weight because this increases the level of your appetite which makes you crave for more foods.

Solutions: Since you are battling with the level of your Cortisol, you need to reduce the level of your stress. This is the only way you can do to balance your hormone. This weight loss tip is easy to say but difficult to follow. So, to be able to cope up, learn how to say no to some gatherings and other events that will just cause you too much stress. Take a pause from your social life and start taking all the helpful tips in order to lose weight and achieve all the best results that you are hoping to get.

Medicines are making you fat

There are medications that can also cause an increase in weight. This is one of the side effects of some medicines which also affect your appetite and your hormones. Some of the medicines that affect your goal to lose weight are pills, antidepressants, and steroids.

Solutions: Before taking medications, consult your doctor about the possible side effects of the medicine. Ask your doctor some other options aside from the medications. You can also consider going natural.

Although there are many ways on how to lose weight, many women still find it hard to do it. You can start losing weight by reducing your insulin intake and lowering carbs. Following the above solutions can also help you keep track of your weight loss goal. You can even surf the internet for more low-carb meals which can be of great help to you. Perform all the proper exercise and set an additional goal which is the key to attaining your ideal fitness.

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