Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Are you looking for natural foods that will help you lose weight? In choosing foods that will serve as your partner in losing weight, you have to know that not all foods contain the same nutrients. They also undergo different pathways inside the body. These foods also target different hormones. Also, not all foods that you eat is always good for the health.

If you are planning to lose more weight, you have to choose the best and healthy foods that when combined to your exercise routines, you will lose a significant amount of weight. Consider eating the list of weight loss foods below in achieving your ideal body figure.

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods


Mushrooms are one of the best additions especially in ground dishes like meatloaf, meatballs, and hamburgers. They are also used for cooking and can also be used as a substitute for beef for vegetarians. Eating mushrooms can have a significant effect on weight loss. Since you are consuming fewer calories and less fat, this will surely help you in your goal of losing weight. They are also used by most restaurants in cooking foods served to people who are aiming to lose weight.


If you are looking for an ideal food that will best help you lose weight, berries are good foods that relatively help in burning calories. Berries are also packed with nutrients and antioxidants which are great and also present in most cereals, salads, yogurt and other foods. This fruit is also a great solution for your sugar cravings. This fruit also makes it possible to slow the digestion and effectively helps in burning calories.


Spinach is low in calories so you can eat more amount of this which can provide you with different vitamins like vitamins A, C, E, K, iron, and calcium. The extract of the spinach contains green leaf that boosts weight loss and has the ability to control cravings for food.

Dark Chocolate

There were reports about the significant health benefits of dark chocolates. Flavonoids and polyphenols are nutrients that are found in cocoa, are nutrients that provide health benefits. People who are eating dark chocolates tend to have a better mood. Dark chocolates can satisfy your cravings while keeping your calories stable.


People are fond of eating apples. Nutrients that are found on apples also promotes a better immune system which helps you the risk of having a stroke and avoids cardiovascular disease. They also serve as a healthy and staple snack for many people.


If you are hungry for carbs, carrots could be the best alternative instead of eating high cholesterol snacks like chips. They also serve as a substitute for fats which thickens the stews and soups. You can also have the chance of being benefited with its fiber and beta-carotene content. So, start including carrots into your snack and diet meal plan now.


Another healthy and part of the great superfood list are beans. Beans are packed with numerous fiber that is high in zinc, protein, and iron. If you are looking for a perfect staple diet, beans are a great food for weight Loss. Beans are also a good source of carbs which provides your body with more energy. A study shows that beans have the ability to improve your insulin resistance.


Are you familiar with the amino acids in meat? Edamame does not contain amino acid, but it contains complete protein. This food also contains healthy fats. Edamame will help you stay out of hunger and promotes weight loss progress.


This ancient grain works a lot on your cholesterol and fats. This is also rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins and other helpful nutrients like calcium and magnesium. You can also mix this grain with salad and other veggies. Quinoa also makes it possible in creating a low glycemic index. Therefore, you will not experience an increase in your blood sugar.


Green peppers contain significant amount of vitamin C which is a great agent and works as an effective fat releaser. People with low level of vitamin C are prone to having more fats rapidly. This food will allow you to lose weight. This also helps your body in absorbing all the irons. Cooking pepper together with spinach and beef is a fantastic idea. Another amazing benefit of pepper is its ability to trigger your nerve in the stomach that tells you that you are already full. With this, your body will immediately adjust the amount of food you eat which is a great help especially if you are planning to lose weight.

The list above are the ten weight loss foods that do not only provide help in losing weight but also provides you with numerous health benefits. You can also include other healthy foods that are helpful in reducing weight like nuts, Swiss chard, whole eggs, leafy greens and many more. Avocado is a unique type of fruit that is packed with healthy fats. Although this fruit is rich in fats, they also contain waters. Avocados are also the perfect addition to salads because they increase the nutrients among vegetables.

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Why eat weight loss foods?

There is no such food as a magic food that can immediately help you lose weight in just a blink of an eye. Eating more of these natural foods together with proper exercise can surely help you slim down. Although most of the foods that reduce weight have many things in common, they still have their own ability to make your body to reach its optimum health.

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Eating the above weight loss foods is a great way to achieve your dream body figure. As you grow older, the number of your physical activities will decrease which could result in low muscle mass. The moment you lack physical activities like jogging, running and going to the gym, you will notice that you increasing weight. Start eating the above foods and reap its health benefits. Regardless of your age, you can lose weight as long as you are determined and motivated to bring back the right figure and your improved overall health.

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