Weight Loss Calculator

Weight Loss Calculator

With the popularity of the internet, you can actually find numerous weight loss calculators. This usually shows a person how long it will take him to reach his target weight. This is often used to estimate the number of calories a person needs to consume per day based on his targets. This is one of the most effective ways to losing weight. in fact, a lot of people go on a diet then after some time wonder why they are not losing weight at all. It is because they lessen the entirety of their food intake without taking into consideration the contents of the food itself. In order to lose weight, the calorie intake should be lessened so the body can store lesser fats. Additionally, the rapidity of weight loss would also be dependent on your lifestyle.

Most weight loss calculators will actually ask you the type of lifestyle you live or that is the activities you do in order to assess you better.

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Activity Levels for Weight Loss Calculators

Basically, the level of activity you do in a day determines how many calories you burn and would further help in the calculation of your daily calories intake. There are four general levels of activities in determining your calorie intake.


When they say sedentary lifestyle, this means that you exercise less than 30 minutes a day or you don’t exercise at all. You spend most of the day sitting or lying down. Your only daily activities include very light activities like watering the plants, cleaning, mowing the lawn or shopping. Majority of people are considered to have a sedentary lifestyle.

Lightly Active

When they say you have a slightly active lifestyle, it entails that you do walking for at least 30 minutes in a day at a speed of 4 mph. This activity alone helps burn around 130 – 160 additional calories without best diet pills. Furthermore, people who do spend a good part of the day on their feet, just like teachers and salesmen are considered to live a lightly active lifestyle as well.

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If you are active, this means doing all the activities mentioned in sedentary and lightly active lifestyle and in addition to that, you either exercise or do some walking for around 105 minutes at a speed of 4mph. This also includes jogging for about 50 minutes per day. Additionally, this applies to people who spend a good part of their day doing some physical activities such as the mailman or a waitress.

Weight Loss Calculator

Very Active

When they say very active, it literally means you have an active lifestyle. This includes daily household activities as well as exercising, You may be considered to have an active lifestyle if you do exercises equal to walking for about 4 hours and 15 minutes at a speed of 4mph. This amount of exercise should help you burn around 1150 – 1400 calories (read more in this post: Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss). You may also opt to do more intense exercise for a lesser period of time such as jogging for about 2 hours.