Weight Watchers Review

If you are into losing weight, but you have tried a fair share of products to burn your extra fat, then you probably heard about Weight Watchers before. A prominent name on weight loss industry. It helped millions of dieters around the world over the last four decades. In this article, you will learn the most important facts about this popular weight loss program.

Weight Watchers Overview

Weight Watchers is a diet plan, a weight-loss program based on points system. That is, the system assigns a value to each food with you allowed only certain points every day. Based on the points system, you can essentially eat any food you want as long as it does not pass your allowed points for that day. The Weight Watchers Diet calls the points as Smart Points.

Weight Watchers Review

These points come from your own body as well as your weight loss goals. According to the plan, lower calorie healthy foods have less value. This way, the diet naturally directs away from eating junk foods (which have high value) and eat more wholesome foods. One of the top commercial diets backed by several studies, this article review gives you important facts about Weight Watchers.

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Does it Work?

Research provides solid support to Weight Watchers. Following this diet plan, you eat few calories that could easily lead to weight loss. Studies on the impact of Weight Watchers show that individuals following this diet showed weight loss to almost 3% than the control group. Some dieters have concerns about Weight Watchers.

However, when you consider the hundreds of testimonials and positive experiences of consumers, it seems to tell that this diet plan works well. Many of the testimonials reveal how they look good, especially even in the moments they are tired and worn out. Most of Weight Watcher’s users are thriving, happy and healthy.

Weight Watchers – The Points System

It was in the 1990s when Weight Watchers first implemented the points system. In this system, foods have a numerical value based on your goals and nutritional profile. Based on your stats – age, weight, height and gender – and weight loss goals, Weight Watchers assign certain points allowed for you to consume on any food you choose every day.

Right from the start of the program, it follows a specific eating system. For years, they added several iterations, but Weight Watchers Points System started the system off. Today, people refer to the system as SmartPoints, which use an algorithm that calculates fats, carbs, calories, and proteins. The cornerstone of Weight Watchers diet plan, it is a genius concept that makes the system effective.

Weight Watchers – Beyond the Scale

In 2016, Weight Watchers launched a new program called Beyond the Scale. The new program is about encouraging people to adopt the Weight Watcher lifestyle. The program iterates that it is not a diet but more about living. It is about achieving your best self through the scale, which serves as a tool to help you achieve a healthy life.

The Beyond the Scale program encourages consumers to see food as fuel for a healthy lifestyle. Through this program, Weight Watchers aim for consumers to develop the necessary skills to make healthy choices in life. As the testimonials of consumers who tried Weight Watchers, they became more positive and gained a new perspective on life.


Before you decide if Weight Watchers is perfect for you, it is important to consider its pros and cons. In this section, know the advantages and benefits you can get from following the Weight Watchers diet program:

  • No foods to avoid – this does not have a list of foods to avoid like other programs.
  • Cooking advice, nutritional tips, and lifestyle education – attending Weight Watchers meetings provide good nutritional advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Achieves slow but steady weight – after starting the program, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 pounds a week, a steady rate of weight loss maintained.
  • Promotes exercise – the system encourages exercise and daily movement to balance your food intake.
  • Encourages cooking at home – cooking at home allows you to eat healthier foods by preparing meals you know will keep you fit.
  • Points-based diet system – teaches you to eat foods only in moderation without forbidding any food from your meals.
  • Portion control – teaches the concepts controlling food portions and eating low-energy density foods for successful weight management.
  • Support network – it has a solid support network, which as a member means you do not have to pay for Internet tools necessary for maintaining healthy body weight.
  • Weekly Weight-in – helps in tracking progress every week.



Just like any other diet program, Weight Watchers may also have its own set of disadvantages that could discourage others from following this program. Here are some of Weight Watchers’ disadvantages you should consider before trying this weight-loss program:

  • Cost – needs to pay a registration fee and weekly meeting vary depending on location.
  • Constant monitoring – the program involves weekly monitoring of program, which to some people might be annoying.
  • Group meetings ¬– the group meetings do not work for everyone, with some people don’t like to share their stats.
  • Counting SmartPoints that gets tedious – people who dislike counting calories may not like counting SmartPoints, as it can be time-consuming or complicated.
  • Too much freedom – the freedom to eat anything you can like can backfire, as it could be tempting to others to still less than nutritious foods.

Bottom Line

Weight Watchers, like every diet or weight loss plan, has its benefits and drawbacks. It may work for some people but not with others. Considering the positive reviews and testimonials of consumers, the points-based system seems to work well with others. What is important is you take the time to research the product and consider its every aspect.

Overall, Weight Watchers is a great diet plan for those with time and money to dedicate to membership fees and weekly weigh-ins. The points system seems great and effective, but with constant monitoring and meet-ups, busy people might find it difficult. However, if you have time and money to spare, this is certainly a great weight loss plan.

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